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Ha Giang is a northeastern province in Vietnam that is at the border (274km in length) near China. Ha Giang has various forests, mountains, 1,000 types of rare herbs, and extraordinary wood. Ha Giang has a diverse range of more than 20 ethnic and cultural products. The province attracts hundreds of tourists because of its beautiful landscape and friendly people.


Ha Giang is also bordered by Cao Bang province to the east, Lao Cai and Yen Bai to the west, and Tuyen Quang to the south. The terrain in this northeastern Vietnamese province is complex. The terrain can be split into three areas; valleys, rivers, and upland mountains. The climate in this region is the same in any Southeast Asian country which are rainy and dry.

The western upland mountain systems upstream of the Chay River create a dazzling landscape that is hard to forget with its plunging slopes and sliding valleys and streams. The lowlands are equally stunning with their rolling hills, the Lo River and the charming town of Ha Giang. The temperature is around 24⁰C to 28⁰C, and during winter, the temperature can drop to -5⁰C.

According to data gathered, Ha Giang is home to 724,537 residents in which the Nung account for 9.9%, the Viet 13.3%, the Dao 15.1%, the Tay 23.3%, and the H’Mong 32% of the population. The diverse populous creates a unique mix perfect for culture enthusiasts visiting Ha Giang.

Ha Giang has beautiful mountains such as the renowned Tay Con Linh which towers to 2,419 meters and has rare wood and 1,000 various kinds of herbs. The mountain is also home to different kinds of animals such as tigers, pangolins, and dozens of bird species. Aside from the beautiful, mountainous landscapes, the province has a majestic upland terrain namely Dong Van and the Khau Vai love market which lures quite a number of visitors.

A visit to Ha Giang will not disappoint because of the many traditional and cultural products namely, dresses with unique designs and bags made of indigenous materials. The province of Ha Giang has plenty to offer tourists who are in search of wondrous landscapes and unique culture.

The recently constructed ceremonial house of the Lo Lo is a cultural highlight of Ha Giang province. The tour allows guests to experience the new home of the Lo Lo for 2 days and 2 nights. Everyone in the village takes part in the celebration of the construction of the new home.

The H’Mong and Dao celebrate Spring Festival and it is usually celebrated a day after the lunar New Year and spans 3 to 7 days. The festival has plenty of events such as shooting of crossbows, pa pao throwing, and wine drinking. Ha Giang is a lovely, cultural province which is home to more than 20 ethnic minorities and stunning landscapes.

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